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lil_miss_maddie's Journal

20 December 1989
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I'm a reader, Buffy/Angel Fandom mainly. So I rarely post to my journal, it's more of an entry into all the great fic on LJ.
Been in the Fandom for years, Spander fan mainly. Love Spangel as well, it was my first true love :) But I don't find that that pairing is as popular anymore, or that as many new fics are written.
I do love the kink, can't get away from that! Not particularly interested in PWPs anymore, just doesn't do it for me. I love a good plot, and 30+ chapters. Throw in some amazing character development and you'll have me drooling.

After a spending a few years working, I'm now back at Uni studying Linguistics. Suddenly my random obsession with good grammar, and the fact that I can laugh out loud at a cleverly ambiguous sentence, is good for something. So that's good.